Midlothian Third Sector Interface

SEAM is a cross-sector partnership of agencies involved in the provision of support, training, guidance and services for social economy organisations based and/or working in Midlothian.  SEAM’s Vision is ‘to support and promote the development of social enterprise in Midlothian’ and its aims are:

  • to form an effective support network for new and developing social economy organisations based and/or working in Midlothian;
  • to raise the capacity of social economy organisations to make sustainable and effective contributions to the well-being of Midlothian communities;
  • to raise the profile of local social enterprises and expand awareness of social enterprise generally throughout Midlothian.

It should be noted that all MVA resources will also continue to be open to social enterprises, including Training events.   For SEAM/MVA training see here.

SEAM Video

You can find out more about SEAM and some of our social enterprises in this short video produced for us by Transmedia: